• Industrial Solutions

    Welding, Automatic Door, Industrial Timer, PLC, Motor Control, Elevator, Irrigation, Pump, GFCI,

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  • Appliance and HVAC Solutions

    Small Appliances:   Iron, coffee maker, blenders, food processor, toasters, hot plates, microwave oven, smart socket, Electric Tools

    Major Appliances:   Refrigerator, Oven, Clothes Washer and Dryer, Dish Washer, Ice maker, Freezer, Vending Machines and Beverage Maker

    HVAC:  Heaters, Air Conditioners, Humidifiers and De-Humidfiers, Ventilator Control, Smoke alarm

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  • Solar Power And Power Supply Solutions

    Renewable Power:  Inverter, Combiner, Rapid Shutdown, DC Quick Disconnect Switch,

    Energy Storage Power Supply:  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Load Management, Utility Meter, Converter.           

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  • Electric Vehicle Solutions

    Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU), Pre-charge Relay, Main Relay, On Board Charger (OBC),  Off Board Charger, Converter, Inverter.

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  • Lighting Solutions

    Street Lighting, Commercial lighting, Smart Home, Home lighting, Sensing, Energy Management.


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  • Automotive, Truck, Bus and Off Road Solutions

    Windshield Wiper, VAC pump, AC compressor, sunroof, window lift, lift gate, door lock, RAP, IGN87, fuel pump.

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